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Whether you have a cat or a dog or share your home with multiple pets—cats and dogs simply become part of the family. So when it comes to caring for our furry, four-legged friends, pet owners naturally want the best for them.

The Pets Know Best™ Collection makes it easy to care for your furry family members. From entertaining them with fun, innovative toys to keeping their coats and nails well groomed, The Pets Know Best™ Collection has everything you need to keep your kitties and pooches happy and healthy, and they’re even furry friend tested.

Developed with veterinarians and pet behaviorists, Pets Know Best™ interactive pet toys are specially designed to engage cats and dogs with movements and sounds that stimulate their natural instinct to hunt and play. Challenging cats and dogs with the activities they crave, helps stave off boredom, which is key to discouraging negative behaviors such as clawing and scratching furniture.

Dogs and puppies alike enjoy chasing, pouncing, biting and fetching. The Pets Know Best™ dog toys were created with this in mind. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, Pets Know Best™ toys are designed with durable, pet-safe materials that are soft and flexible enough for dogs young and old to easily bite and fetch. To keep dogs engaged, Pets Know Best™ dog toys feature variable movement and sounds that dogs instinctively recognize. Older dogs can especially benefit from interactive toys which keep them from becoming sedentary by bringing out their ‘inner puppy’.

Cat lovers know nothing gets cats and kittens motivated like a good chase. Engaging felines with a mouse-like chase is what makes interactive Pets Know Best™ toys irresistible. Multiple speed settings and random movements are key features that keep cats guessing and playing to ‘catch the mouse.’ Each toy is designed with unpredictable activity and identifiable noises that help cats exercise their bodies and minds.

The Pets Know Best™ Collection makes grooming pets as easy as entertaining them.

Keeping cat and dog coats healthy-looking and shiny is as easy as petting them with Pets Know Best™ brushing and combing tools. They gently remove loose pet hair and dander, and keep fur from becoming matted. Clipping nails is easier too with clippers that both illuminate and magnify your pet’s nails for safe, accurate trimming. The Pets Know Best™ Collection—is truly furry friend tested and owner approved!